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Travel insurance


This type of insurance will protect from any disease, accident and other risks that may occur during a trip abroad.                                

At Amrah Insurance we want to be sure you enjoy a pleasant and safe trip. With our Travel Insurance you will get secured from medical costs harming your finances.



The following is insured as this type of insurance policy:

  • Medical (ambulatory and stationary) services’ costs coverage;
  • Medical transportation/evacuation expenses;
  • Legal support;
  • Transportation costs, as well as evacuation costs to home country;
  • Repatriation costs in case of death.

Insurance covers the following risks:

  • Sudden illness (unexpected and urgent cases that require medical intervention);
  • Accident (sudden injuries, physical injuries);
  • Cases that cause death.

Services we provide:

  • We compensate the amount of costs the insured covers outside the country;
  • To ensure the urgent repatriation of a deceased body to home country.