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Transport (CASCO) insurance


By insuring vehicles, drivers and passengers, you can protect your company’s budget from any possible damages.

We protect all transportation means of your company – busses, trucks, agricultural machinery and others from damages or collisions in case of possible accidents, physical damages, and natural disasters and offer a reliable financial partnership for your business.



Types of transport insurance:

  • Motor own damage insurance;
  • Voluntary motor third party public liability insurance;
  • Driver and passengers personal accident insurance.

Insurance covers the following risks:

  • Damage caused as a result of a road accident;
  • Fire or explosion;
  • Landslide, flood, mudslide and others;
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters (earthquake, flood, landslide)
  • Damage caused by a third party

Advantages of Transport Insurance in Amrah Insurance:

  • Our technical experts will be informed about the accident and immediately visit the accident site within 24 hours;
  • Evacuation of the damaged vehicle from accident site;
  • Gather all the necessary documents;
  • Repair of damaged vehicle in most qualified repair centers;
  • Ensure that payment is made within a short time