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Cargo insurance


This type of insurance ensures transportation of your cargo or goods to its final destination without any financial loss.

We take care of your cargo while its transportation to destination (either inside or outside of the country) and guarantee compensation for your financial losses related to any damages that may occur during the process.



The following is insured as this type of insurance policy:

  • Commercial goods packed for transportation;
  • Used, defective or returned goods in case insurer agrees to accept;
  • Cargo transported on board of ships, as well as uncovered goods with consent of the insured;
  • Goods transported in cars and open wagon;
  • Personal belongings and hand baggage.

Insurance covers the following risks:

  • Storm, ship-wreck, collision of a ship with shore or drifting on sand;
  • Fraud of the captain or any crew members;
  • Goods are thrown overboard as a result of running down, collision with fixed or mobile object (also with iceberg);
  • Fire;
  • Explosion;
  • Loss of cargo while loading or unloading;
  • Any damage that may occur as a result of sea accident.

Advantages of cargo insurance in Amrah Insurance:

  • Payment of full amount of damage on time;
  • Free of charge insurance consultation;
  • Individual approach to each customer.